Our Story

We have founded a program that helps level the playing field in this unfair fight called cancer.

Having lived through breast cancer with three children I found it essential to hold onto normal, and the importance of maintaining dignity and control.

After extensive surgery, I designed a post surgical garment to help manage surgical drains (I do not sew). This “Jacki” – named because it was so much more than a Johnny – and something Jacki “O” or Princess Di might have worn if she had to go through it. It was so much more than a jacket. It made me feel like myself again, like a person not a patient. I knew that if it helped me be stronger, more confident, able to do more, then it would help others. The nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization was formed in the waiting rooms while going through treatment and recovery. It is called ALittleEasierRecovery.org.

We now have designed the “Just Be YOU Collection” and hope you love and share this bold fresh symbol of strength and support that is as amazing as the people we help. To make it “a little easier” for the next person going through cancer, we hope you wear it in honor of the strength we know they have.

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