We are lucky enough to have daughters ages 10-33 and their many friends, and many have interned for us. They are creative, stylish and smart. They love to help and even more, they love to shop.

We thought by gaining some insight into their "must-haves" we could offer items that raise money for cancer and help these women & men who are so amazing now –

We are so proud to introduce the new design for the “Just Be YOU Collection” and hope you love and share this bold fresh symbol of strength and support that is as amazing as the people we help.


So let's see what the power of this can do. Forward, text, twitter, link, Facebook, IM, whatever you do to connect -- do.

We would so appreciate your help spreading the effort to do more. We even have a special rate for you and your friends.

These pieces represent the “All In” symbol of support and strength.
Carry it forward to help the people we love and people who need it most now.
Wear it in honor of strength we know they have.

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