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Join this viral marketing campaign and pass along the website to as many people you can; post the link, invite friends to the group (Facebook), tweet, email, spread the word, whatever you can do would be so appreciated.

Trends for the Cause has just completed the Just Be You Collection. The Just Be You Collection is an “All In” attempt to bring an important mission of helping cancer patients “NOW” to a global movement. Just being you… is enough… you are already amazing!

Each piece celebrates an individual’s strength… which will get them through this journey, and all those who support them. We like to think of these pieces as “grownup friendship jewelry”. A bracelet, necklace, or charm is for the person recovering from treatment. Then all who wish to support that person wear the same piece to show solidarity, love and support and recognize their strength. Each piece is presented on a card with a descriptive word that you feel best fits the recipient. The choices on the card are So Strong, So Amazing, So Kind and My Friend.

“All In” is a statement of true commitment, 100% in, because we are ‘all in’ this together. Carry it forward to help the people we love and people who need it most now and wear it in honor of the strength we know they have.

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