We at a Little Easier Recovery directly help cancer patients NOW because we know there is nothing “easy” about breast cancer or any cancer diagnosis. The one positive thing that is consistent for anyone who has travelled this long hard road is the amazing people they have met. It astounds us to see such resilience, strength, kindness, compassion and how each person must find their best strength to get through it. Sometimes it is easy to be consumed by this diagnosis of cancer, but somehow someone always sees past it and sees the strength that lies within us. The Just Be YOU Collection was designed to recognize their strength and to support the person for who they really are.

We are combining efforts with other great non-profits who help cancer patients NOW.
100% of the Just Be YOU Collection will not just help patients served by A Little Easier Recovery but other passionate organizations such as the Michael H. Flanagan Foundation who help leukemia patients directly feel they are not alone.

Promotion Code at Checkout: Flanagan

Click Here to see the Michael H. Flanagan Foundation Just Be YOU Collection and read their story.



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