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The Just Be You Collection is an “All In” attempt to bring an important mission of helping cancer patients “NOW” to a global movement. Just being you… is enough…. You are already amazing.

“All IN” is a statement of true commitment, 100% in, because we are ‘all in’ this together.

Behind, Beside, Beyond the cause
Behind the cancer diagnosis lies hundreds or thousands of amazing people who are enduring an unimaginable journey through treatment and recovery and behind them are the incredible people and teams of brilliant compassionate caregivers, scientists, nurses, doctors, interns, and social workers who will help them get through it as well as lifesaving drugs, screening & technology.

Beside this is so much bigger than person with the diagnosis. It does not just touch the patient but has a rippling effect. This symbol of support and strength represents those who support these amazing people and are beside them seeing their true strengths every step of the way.

Beyond After getting through it… the physical and emotional rollercoaster this cancer diagnosis can bring… It is all about the comeback, looking beyond oneself, looking at the much bigger picture, looking to helping others through this A Little Easier and Beyond to the ultijmate Win of A Cure.
The “All In” symbol of support. Carry it forward to help the people we love and people who need it most now and wear it in honor of the strength we know they have.

We are all in it together .

Just Be You Collection Reviews

Thank you for my bracelet of Strength. It reminds me of how strong I am and that you see this in me.

DF, Massachusetts

I gave the necklace saying “So Amazing” to my dear friend and she loves it!!
DA, North Carolina

We all play tennis together and I bought all 4 of us a My Friend bracelet. We wear these in support of our Amazing Friend who has so many strengths to overcome anything. We all love it! This is a clear reminder that our friendship will never waiver.
KM, Massachusetts

I bought a “So Kind” charm for my oncology nurse for her charm link bracelet. She is the most compassionate person I have ever met.  It spoke volumes.
CM, Massachusetts


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